Cutting a wire: Fume and metal chips must be removed!

When a wire is cut, fume is generated and fine metal chips come from the process.

In cooperation with our customer, JS Ventilation, we have created a solution that effectively ensures efficient extraction so that users can do their work without any inconvenience.

The solution was divided into 4 main products:

– A flexible 5 meter long Geovent ESA ø200 extraction arm, which extracts fumes and chips where the cutting takes place.
– A Geovent GFB2 filter with 3 filter cartridges, which are automatically cleaned with compressed air.
– A high pressure Geovent MEF-500-3 with a 4 kW motor – mounted in a sound box.
– A Geovent Airbox III pressure monitor, which gives an alarm if the pressure should become too low in the system.

The end customer wanted a user-friendly solution. Therefore, the entire installation is placed close to the user.

The motor protector switch and pressure guard are located close to the user and the fan is mounted in an efficient sound box to minimize noise.

The filter complies with current environmental requirements, avoiding contamination of the environment.

JS Ventilation has reported back that the solution works 100% according to the end user’s expectations – both in terms of product selection and installation.

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