High vacuum - systems for high pressure

A GEOVENT high vacuum system is ideal for removing particles from the polluting process. Examples could be vacuum cleaning or grinding in the industry, car repair shops, or hotels where there is a need for collecting accumulated particles. It is also suitable to use for welding solutions are designed to extract the fume at the welding torch.
We offer both central extraction units built together or stand alone and decentralized units where light handling of the extracted particles has been taken into account and the noisy part (typically a side channel blower) is placed where it causes minimal inconvenience. We also offer customized solutions with frequency inverters, PLC, touch displays, and automatically emptying systems. 

We offer a wide range of accessories like flap valves with micro switches, extraction arms for strong vacuuming, automatic dampers, and a complete selection of pipes and fittings for high vacuum.

HVU Lite

Compact High-vacuum unit with filter cyclone for the extraction of dust from grinding, brake dust and ordinary work place cleaning.
Pressure: Up to 21.000 Pa
Air volume: Up to 600 m³/h


Our High vacuum units, for Industrial and Heavy Duty use, are used for the preparation of cars, extraction of grinding dust, welding with extraction at the torch etc. Various options are available.
Pressure: Up to 35.000 Pa
Air Volume: Up to 2.400 m³/h


HVU-IT is a special high pressure model suitable for a wide range of applications.
Pressure: Up to 31.500 Pa
Air volume: Up to 1450 m³/h

HVU Solo

HVU Solo. A separate side channel blower unit quipped with vacuum limiter.
Pressure: Up to 35.000 Pa
Air Volume: Up to 2.800 m³/h

HVU Filter cyclone

Separate filter cyclone for HVU Solo. The unit is equipped with a two-step filtering through cyclone and filter cartridge. 99,9% efficient.
Shot valves for cleaning the filter cartridge.

HVU Hose reel

Geovent HVU hose reel is a robust and easy to use. The hose reel is used in high vacuum systems.

Wood dust extraction WE-55

WE-55 is a central vacuum unit, perfectly suited for schools. WE-55 can be used as vacuum cleaner as well as transport of particles. With a capacity of 5.5 kW (1.800 m³/h – 8.000 Pa) it ensures a
clean and healthy working environment without any air particles in the room.

Energy arm

Geovent Energy-arm is designed to facilitate a practical and flexible work station for the user. It offers access to power, compressed air and extraction at work stations in other places where flexibility is required.