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  • Long life time
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You will find fans from Geovent, which matches your specific need.

Fans for welding fume, grinding dust, and other fumes and dusts

For industrial applications reliability is often one of the most important requirements. Geovent supplies robust and reliable fans for all kinds of requirements in industrial applications. The fans are made of galvanized steel for optimum corrosion resistance. The fans are prepared for outdoor installation so noise within the building is avoided.

Fans for exhaust gas

In car and truck repair shops, in fire stations, in military installations and so on extraction of exhaust gas is important to avoid health issues for the persons working there.

The Geovent fans are often used in these applications because of the stability and long life time, and the fact that they work when needed. The fans can be supplied with automatic controls securing that the extraction is adjusted to the need. It automatically starts when the car or fire truck is turned on – and it shots down when it is not needed for anymore.

Fans for corrosive environments

In corrosive environments like laboratories, chemical plants, and water works, the Geovent fans are used in order to obtain a trouble-free service. In corrosive environments the life time of fans is mostly short and the risk of break-down is high. Therefore, the plastic fans and fans in stainless steel from Geovent are a safe choice for your installation in a corrosive environment.

Fans for explosive environments - ATEX

Geovent supply ATEX fans for most ATEX zones and ATEX applications, so the end customer can feel safe. The requirement of an ATEX installation is regulated by an EU directive, 2014/34/EU. It is applicable for installations which are exposed to gas og dust, which can be explosive. The classification is specified by the end customer or their advisors. Geovent helps finding the right fan for the specific project.


Geovent is a manufacturer of fans and various other products for industrial extraction and ventilation. The Geovent products are sold for all possible applications all over Germany and internationally.

When working with Geovent you will benefit from a product range of fans and accessories matching your need. A range of other products completes the product range of Geovent.

You will experience that Geovent is a reliable manufacturer and partner, who promises fast delivery and long product life time. Geovent offers to give you advice on the choice of solution and choice of product in your project. When you start working with Geovent, you will keep on working with Geovent, because you want to take advantage of the high service level.

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