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ATEX Legislation

A common EU directive, 2014/34/EU, also known as ATEX, is attempting to reduce the risk in connection with explosive environments in the industry.

The objective of ATEX is to secure uniform guidelines for all of the European Union, so that the risk of explosion and subsequent personal injury as well as damage to the machinery is minimized.

Primarily, ATEX is relevant to companies handling potentially explosive concentrations of dust from wood, aluminium, plastic, flour, sugar or other organic materials, for example, as well as fumes and vapours from petrol, acetone and batteries.

All ATEX-products from Geovent are manufactured in compliance with the directive 2014/34/EU.
It is the responsibility of the individual employer to obtain zone-classifications in the company concerned, and often this is carried out in cooperation with the local fire-fighting authorities.
For further information regarding ATEX, please refer to the AT-instruction C.0.9 concerning dust explosions.

In the future, European companies have to asses, whether there is a risk of explosion in connection with their production as a result of ignition of an atmosphere, consisting of air mixed with flammable gases, vapours, fluids, mist/aerosols or flammable dust mists. If the answer is yes, the risk must be assessed as the foundation of a classification of the area(s) in danger of explosion. In addition to this, the company must take precautions in order to avoid explosions and to draw up documentation.

The central principle is to divide the company into zones on basis of the risk of explosion and its consequences. In this connection, it is necessary both to consider the type and the volume of leak, ventilation, safety systems and the potential ignition sources, as for instance electrostatic charge, electrical installations and mechanically generated sparks. The assessment is to apply to existing equipment as well as to new acquisitions of machinery and equipment. A complete instruction manual is supplied with a Geovent ATEX product as well as approved certifications.

Explosion proof products
“With a Geovent ATEX product comes complete instruction manual and approved certifications”

Correlation between ATEX Directives

“ATEX 95” – 2014/34/EU “ATEX 197” – 99/92/EC
The application area af the equipment specification of equipment groups Establishment of zones in processplants and selection af equipment
For dust applications (D)
Category 1 D Zone 20
Category 2 D Zone 21
Category 3D Zone 22
For gas applications(G)
Category 1 G Zone 0
Category 2 G Zone 1
Category 3 G Zone 2
Risk assessment of equipment Risk assessment of the work place
Declaration of conformity Explosion protection document
ZoneDescriptionEquipmentGenvent equipment
Zone 0Area, where constantly, frequently or for a longer period of time there is an explosive atmosphere, consisting of a mixture of air and flammable gas, vapours or mistCategory 1, G (gas) 
Zone 1Area, where an explosive mixture of air and fl ammable gas, vapour or mist may occasionally occur, during normal operationCategory 1 eller 2, G (gas)MSX / MEX fan
Zone 2Area, where during normal operation an explosive atmosphere, consistingof a mixture of air with flammable gas, vapour or mist probably does not occur However, if it occurs, it will only be for a short period of timeCategory 1, 2 eller 3, G (gas)MSX / MEX fan
Zone 20Area, where constantly, frequently or for a longer period of time there may be an explosive atmosphere, consisting of a cloud of flammable dust and airCategory 1, D (støv)GFX Filtre
Zone 21Area, where occasionally during normal operation an explosive atmosphere consisting of a cloud of flammable dust and air may occurCategory 1 eller 2 D (støv)GFX Filtre, MSX / MEX fan
Zone 22Area, where during normal operation an explosive atmosphere, consisting of a cloud of flammable dust and air may most probably not occur, and should it occur anyhow, it will only be for a short period of timeCategory 1, 2 eller 3, D (støv)GFX Filtre, MSX / MEX fan
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