ASX armen from Geovent has been approved after ATEX-direktiv

ATEX Explosion-proof products

ASX extraction arm

ASX extraction arms are used for the extraction of flammable media such as. solvents, various types of dust from food and pharmaceutical processes and vapors from fuels and solvents.

The arm has external support arms built with three adjustable joints and 2 swivel, so you can easily achieve the required suction position.
The ASX arm wall bracket is 270° rotatable. The funnel is made of epoxy coated lightweight aluminum and is available in ø80 mm, ø100 mm, ø125 mm, ø160 mm or ø200 mm diameter.
The ASX extraction arms are available in lengths 2, 3 and 4 m, and it can be extended up to 9 m by using an extension arm.
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The suction hose is GeoFlex PUR, which is a lightweight PUR hose. Temperature resistance from -40°C to + 90°C and +125°C for a short period of time. The hose is equipped with a spring steel wire. The hose is antistatic and therefore, it is suitable for ATEX use.

The ASX arm from Geovent has been approved according to the ATEX-direktiv 2014/34/EU earlier 94/9/EC: EX II 2G T5 / EX II 2D 100°C

Stainless ASX arm

Stainless ASX arm from Geovent is approved according to the ATEX directive. ASX stainless extraction arm with external articulated arm and gas spring. Hood is made in stainless steel plate. The arm is max 3 meters.

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