Extraction arm with external carrying arm. Dim.: ø160 – 200. Length: 2 – 9 m.

extraction arm with external carrying arm

ASA-4 arm

The arm has 3 stable and 2 turning points and is moveable in all directions up to 180°. The extraction funnel is manufactured in light weight epoxy painted aluminum. It is equipped with an integrated ergonomic handle. Available in the lengths of 2, 3, and 4 m, but by using an extension arm it may be extended up to 9 meters.
(Please also see accessories) The ASA-4 arm comes with powder coated ALU tubes and hose in the bends. The advantage of the ALU tube is that the pressure drop is reduced in relation to an arm with a hose. The ASA-4 arm has no internal moving parts, which reduces the pressure drop. The ASA-4 arm is available in ø160 mm and 200 mm. The hose is a GEOFLEX Weld hose is a lightweight PVC tape hose, which is very suitable for air-conditioning, ventilation of tanks, etc. Temperature range from – 10°C to + 60°C (shortly + 110°C.) A steel wire is integrated in the hose. (Read more here) Accessories such as light and net can easily be installed in the hood. (Read more here)
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