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Geovent – The exact solution you are searching for
With a great team of sales technicians Geovent will help you find the exact solution which you are searching for being with standard or customized products.
Standard solutions
Geovent A/S has a wide selection of standard products, which means that we have solutions for a wide range of applications. Among other things, we are experienced in industrial extraction where our products are used in various applications. Often we find solutions within welding and grinding in the metal industry but also a wide range of other industries are supplied. The same goes for extraction of exhaust gasses from e.g. emergency vehicles, military installations, inspection halls etc. All in all this has given us valuable experience with solutions for customers where the requirements are greater than usual.
Customized solutions
Geovent A/S is also capable of delivering customized solutions. We happily tailor our solutions to suit the customer’s needs. If you currently have an extraction need that cannot be solved with standard components, we happily provide a non-binding offer for a customized solution. We can always find the right solution to match your needs – whether it is oil mist, dust, fumes, exhaust gasses or something else. Contact us and tell us about your challenges. All our solutions live up to the requirements for a healthy and safe environment.
Technical sales team
A team of skilled technical sales in Denmark, Germany, Spain, and the UK is having a qualified dialogue with the customer. Together with the customer the optimal solution is found, and we adapt our products to the customer’s need.
Your product is created
Standard solutions and customized products are designed. Drawings of the products are made in 3D.
Efficient production
Based on the decided specifications and drawings of your product, we start the manufacturing process. Parts are punched out, bent, welded and/or coated – and assembled into the final product.

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