Extraction in auto repair shop

A car dealer wanted to build a new repair shop and asked our customer (the local installer) to carry out the project, which included extraction of exhaust fumes from vehicles as well as ventilation of chemical storage cabinets.

High requirements were placed on the hose reels asked for. First, the length of the hoses were key parameter to the customer. Therefore, we offered our hose reel, type GTE-1400-15-150, which is an electric hose reel with remote control. The hose on the reel has a length of 15 meters and the entire hose can be winded up on the hose reel. Another requirement was that the hose had to be able to resist higher temperatures than standard hoses. In order to comply with the customer’s wish for higher temperature resistance, we supplied the customer with 15 meters of hose, consisting of 12 meters of ordinary hose for car exhaust fumes, temperature resistance of up to 200°C, and 3 meters of our HT-450 hose, which is briefly temperature resistant up to 500°C.

Between the two different hoses, we mounted a safety coupling, securing the division of the hose into two parts, in case the hoses were to be exposed to heavy impact (by mistake). The nozzles for the hose reels were our HT-nozzle, ø150 mm made of steel with vice grip, because they can be used for very hot exhaust fumes.

We supplied the fan as a demand controlled solution, where the fan starts operating, when required, and the air volume is adjusted according to the number of users at the same time, i.e. with high-speed motor damper, activated via a set of contacts in the hose reels. The fan was mounted in a sound box in order to reduce the noise. With these features, the customer will save energy; he will find increased operating comfort and the users will experience a reduction of the noise emission.

Control lamps where installed in the repair shop – green lamps for ”Extraction ok” – and red lamps as well as sirens for errors, e.g. by lack of suction. Our MultiBox controls all the automatics.

Our explosion proof ATEX fans ventilate the chemical storage cabinets.

Our customer has completed the project and the end user is very happy with the result.

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