What is the MultiBox IV?

Control your LEV

The MultiBox IV secures optimized ventilation solution considering both energy, CO2, and noise. The desired pressure or flow is encoded as a fixed point. The built-in regulator will adjust the damper and/or frequency inverter, and thereby the fan. The alarm is activated if the system does not hold pressure within the selected alarm limits.

It is a sixth generation ventilation control unit based on the latest microprocessor technology and a large easy-to-use color touch screen.

MultiBox IV is especially useful for dynamic pressure regulation in installations with automatic dampers and frequency inverter.

MultiBox IV includes more opportunities in one box and is easy to use.
It is used for pressure measurement, control, regulation of process ventilation in the pressure range from 10 to 4,000 Pa, and it includes an alarm systems.

Ventilation control, constant pressure

An economically advantageous solution

Video presentation

This video explains how the MultiBox IV easily and effectively controls the LEV system

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