Welding fume extraction systems have their place directly at the workplace.

The collection can be carried out by means of collection elements such as extraction arms, extraction tables, extraction hoods, etc.

Choose between a stationary or a mobile extraction solution by studying the advantages and disadvantages below:

The following applies to a mobile extraction and filter unit:

• Use at different workplaces or workplaces that are far away from each other
• Low installation effort: Plug & Play: Set up – connect – extract
• Easy to move by means of large wheels

• Requires more space at the workplace – Higher noise level (fan inside)
• Only useful for collection by means of an extraction arm

A central extraction unit offers the following features:

• One extraction and filter unit can serve several extraction points simultaneously
• Requires little space at the workplace (space-saving)
• Low noise pollution at the workplace
• Lower investment volume compared to several mobile solutions
• Can be used for both recirculated air operation and exhaust air operation (also for carcinogenic media such as those produced during stainless steel welding)
• Can be more easily adapted to changing requirements
• Suitable for continuous operation
• Better protection against flying sparks

• Piping and installation costs

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