Security in Clinics

More and more we experience that different kinds of clinics have a wish for cleaning the air or extraction of air from the treatment room.

Lake Superior Dental, Minnesota, USA

Lake Superior Dental is an association of 3 clinics.
They care for their patients, employees, and themselves, and therefore they have decided to install extraction close to their patients in the operatories.

Special requirements – recycling centers

Being specialists within industrial extraction and ventilation, we receive inquiries for a number of special applications. Mostly we design efficient solutions with standard products – but from time to time we are asked for solutions, where special products are required.

Success based on service at high level

A state run military equipment factory in Ankara approached our Turkish Partner, ADA Filtrasyon, for discussing a dust extraction solution for their existing machinery.

Lung cancer at work

Many thousands of people are potentially exposed to hazardous substances at work every day, according to Dr Lesley Rushton, Emeritus Reader in Occupational Epidemiology at Imperial College London.

Hazardous oil mist

Industrial processes generate oil mist and oil smoke. The particles are as small as virus and bacteria, which makes it hazardous for human beings to inhale.

Effective extraction at dentists

Dentists, podiatrists, and others experience a demand and a need for extraction of air from the treatment room in order to protect their patients, employees, and themselves.