Which system solution suits me – stationary or mobile extraction solution?

Welding fume extraction systems have their place directly at the workplace. The collection can be carried out by means of collection elements such as extraction arms, extraction tables, extraction hoods, etc. Choose between a stationary or a mobile extraction solution by studying the advantages and disadvantages below: The following applies to a mobile extraction and […]

Security in Clinics

More and more we experience that different kinds of clinics have a wish for cleaning the air or extraction of air from the treatment room.

Lake Superior Dental, Minnesota, USA

Lake Superior Dental is an association of 3 clinics.
They care for their patients, employees, and themselves, and therefore they have decided to install extraction close to their patients in the operatories.

Engineering and manufacturing

Arolco Engineering Solutions provides engineering services combined with a modern manufacturing facility. With up to date machinery and technology they use their technical expertise they service their customers. To underline the high level of expertise they have chosen an fume extraction solution of high quality. The solution has been designed in a close cooperation with […]

Technical college, CEU Herning

28 pcs. of 3 m ø160 mm WING arm with GFD Motor damper. Delivered to a technical college in Herning, Denmark, where they educate the craftsmen of the future. Wing arms with bracket for wall mounting are used together with a Geovent fan in a sound box and Multi box III for automatic control of the system.

Aalborg Industries

For welding of large items a large flexibility is needed. Therefore, we have developed this 8 m long ø200 mm extraction arm for Aalborg Industries. Read more about the products:  Extension arm and fan.

Aalborg Industries

For sveising av store gjenstander er det nødvendig med stor fleksibilitet. Derfor har vi utviklet denne 8 m lange ø200 mm avsugsarmen for Aalborg Industries. Les mer om produktene: Forlengelsesarm og vifte .

Technical school, Nuuk

Geovent has delivered a complete system consisting of hose reels and fans. Read more about the products used: Hose reel, exhaust nozzles, sound box and outlet flange.

Monk Biler, Denmark

Geovent has delivered a complete system with spring loaded Hose reels and Channel ducts. Read more about the products used: Hose reel, nozzle og channel duct.